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About the Author

Gay Gottlieb was born in Gloucestershire and spent her formative years in the country. She went to school in England and Switzerland and lived in Paris for some years. She welcomed her first Vizsla dog, Sh Ch Waidman Remus, in the early 1970s, shortly followed by a bitch, Sh Ch Galfrid Sofia at Russetmantle. Over the following four decades she studied and nurtured the breed dedicating her time and love to this most beautiful animal.

Gay Gottlieb with puppies


In 2008 Gay Gottlieb was honoured to receive the prestigious 'Lifetime Achievement Award' presented by the Hungarian Vizsla Society.  To find out more about the award please click here.

Chapter 1 - History of the Hungarian Vizsla

The origins of the Hungarian Vizsla are very difficult to trace but his history probably began in the 9th century when the warring Magyar tribes migrated from the Steppes of Asia. They led a nomadic life until eventually they settled in the Carpathian basin, now know as Hungary. It is thought that by tradition the Magyars, when not occupied with cattle breeding, hunted a great deal. On their travels they were accompanied by their horses, sheep, cattle and camels as well as their hunting and herding dogs. It is believed that, through the centuries, the Hungarian herding breeds we see today evolved from these early Magyar herding dogs.....

Part of a Gothic Panel (15th century)
Part of a Gothic panel (15th century) from Christian museum in Esztergom (Hungary) showing dog believed to be a Vizsla.

Subheadings in chapter 1

Early Sporting Dogs.
Development of the Standard Type Dog.
The Aim - A Multi-Purpose Dog.
The First Vizsla Club in Hungary.
Effects of War on the Breed.
The Russian Occupation.
The Present Day.